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About KXM Token Payment Solutions

Nowadays, the thought of doing without ecommerce, socio media, cryptocurrency and advertisement seems almost impossible, complicated and an inconvenience to many. As more and more people began doing business online, the social media niche growing exponentially in recent years, advertising becoming a blockbuster like never envisaged, the need to build a sustainable economy and ecosystem that has the concepts of transparency and empowerment at the core of its founding and guiding principles became apparent.

With the introduction of disruptive technologies like blockchain, laden with the potentiality to revolutionize the ecommerce eco system in particular and other sectors in general, KXM decided to embark on building a sustainable monetization model that does not compromise user’s interest or gain, and that will both be fair and open.

KXM’s users, merchants, procurements agents, facilitators and employees have been working together to build a better e-commerce, socio-media and advertising network; one that’s capable of enabling opportunity and hope for the masses; one that’s committed to caring, sustainability and fairness.

Commerce on the Internet has come to rely almost exclusively on financial institutions serving as trusted third parties to process electronic payments. While the system works well enough for most transactions, it still suffers from the inherent weaknesses of the trust-based model. Completely non-reversible transactions are not really possible, since financial institutions cannot avoid mediating disputes. The cost of mediation increases transaction costs, limiting the minimum practical transaction size and cutting off the possibility for small casual transactions, and there is a broader cost in the loss of ability to make non- reversible payments for nonreversible services. With the possibility of reversal, the need for trust spreads. These costs and payment uncertainties can be avoided in person by using physical currency, but no mechanism exists to make payments over a communications channel without a trusted party. What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, allowing any two willing parties to transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party. Transactions that are computationally impractical to reverse would protect sellers from fraud, and routine escrow mechanisms could easily be implemented to protect buyers. In this paper, we propose a solution to the double-spending problem using a peer-to-peer distributed timestamp server to generate computational proof of the chronological order of transactions.

The KXM-Token (KXM) has been created for facilitating the KXM Ecosystem populace to seamlessly transact and participate by accessing and shopping from a wide range of assorted quality products and services at the KXM Online stores.

What’s on Offer?

yes Decentralised App

KXM DApps are decentralized applications where no single entity has the power to control that app because it is deployed on a distributed ledger or the blockchain of Ethereum - undoubtedly the king of smart contracts and DApps. At present, it hostsmore than 90% of the world’s DApps and smart contracts, a number which is only expected to grow.

yes KXM Wallet

KXM will integrate Ethereum based (ERC 20) wallets for each KXM user account. It is a gateway to decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain; allowing for the most common wallet interactions.




KXMTOKEN is an ERC20 standard token on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC20 Protocol makes it interoperable with other services on the Ethereum environment. Other than these, other key features of the KXMTOKEN include exchangeability and liquidity. The KXM Wallet makes for one-click transaction model with minimum fees. All in all the KXMTOKEN makes for a decentralised transparent marketplace that profits traders, token owners and network participants alike.



Bitcoin is a digital currency in the truest of form. Mining plays a key role in Bitcoin-powered digital payment solution. Unlike the consensus model that makes ledger creation in ethereum environment secure and easy, Bitcoin environment has been accused of promoting oligarchy behaviour during ledger creation and updation. As mining becomes more difficult, the situation is only expected to turn into monopoly dominated by a select few.

Objective of the KXM Token (KXM)

The KXM Token mainly serves two purposes;

Firstly, it is to provide a primary level of liquidity - which in turn ensures an efficient exchange between types of digital assets

Secondly, as a general-purpose token for use in everyday purchase/payment for phuysical and digital products and services featured in the KXM Onlinestores and Advertising platform



Secured User Data

A highly secure infrastructure built to protect customer data and value stored in the eco-system.


Most Credibility

It represents the next generation of digital currencies. It brings the current standards of the financial services industry into the digital sphere.



It is simple, transparent, trustworthy, instant and scalable.


Easy To Use

It is as easy as using a credit card, easy to accept and tracked.


Instant Payment/Fund Transfer

At the core of our infrastructure lies on a multi-data structure, which works in tandem to drive up scalability, processing over tens of thousands of transactions persecond (TPS). It is the most suitable infrastructure for payments due to its scalability and low transaction costs.



Our protocol combines infrastructure, services and application layers to create a holistic payments solution which is modular and fully customizable.

Our Target Markets

yes The Common Citizen

KXM Clients/Customers/Partners are likely to be the early birds here because they are already a part of the KXM Eco-system and have built trust on the KXM Platform. With the KXM becoming the platforms primary token, our bevy of clients will be able to acquire and spend their KXM Token to:

  • attain and renew membership status monthly,
  • pay for various products and services,
  • top-up their shopping limits,
  • pay for advertising slots,
  • pay for subscription for various services and a host of other services provided in the site;
...just as they have been doing using the Fiat and Bitcoin.

yes The Traders

Being a vibrant and thriving eco-system already with lots of users and adoption, coupled with the obvious scenario of demand super ceding the supply of the KXM Token, external and professional Traders are expected to jump on really early too.

yes Investors

Investors looking for a viable venture to invest their funds and begin to see returns within a short period of time, will definitely cash-in on this opportunity to make some cool cash.


yes Low Development Cost

Cost reduction has become a buzzword for selling just about everything from software to socks, but blockchain delivers on this promise. The ability to combine payment processing, inventory management, product images and descriptions, with other business processes means fewer systems to maintain, less need for IT support staff, and fewer administrative tasks to be performed.

yes Low Maintenance Cost

We are poised and equipped to initially process tens of thousands of TPS with virtually no price volatility. Maintaining even a small online store is a 24/7/365 job. The power of blockchain enables KXM to spend more time running her business and less time running her online store.

yes Higher security

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) offers the highest level of security available for online database platforms. Since one data breach can cost an online retailer million in revenue, and loss of future market share, blockchain offers a level of security that retailers cannot afford to do without.




Our technology stands to revolutionize crypto adoption by becoming the base layer upon which future decentralized solutions are built.



We focus on our technology because we know a strong, flexible infrastructure will provide the payment processing experience you need.



Our pragmatic approach to achieving scalability in a decentralized architecture without compromising security. Our ledger is best suited for performance apps and extreme scalability.


Safe And Secure

We offer a ready to use buyer-seller protection service. Users can chargeback a transaction in cases of fraud or any other dispute related to deals settled through our payment system.



Innovating from blockchain technology, this improved protocol is highly scalable and centered around trust.


The Traditional Banking and Digital payment systems cost consumers billions of dollars every year.

  • High fees that can go all to way to 15% for merchants, leading to higher product costs for consumers.
  • Declined transactions drive down merchant profits.
  • Decreased merchant cash flow due to long settlement periods.
  • Complicated multi-currency support, high spreads and exchange rates.
  • Over two billion people around the world remain unbanked.

How KXM Token Works?

KXM Token is a digital asset created from ERC20 Standard Ethereum Smart Contracts. The ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contract performs some key functions that render KXM Token some key primary features. These include compatibility with other decentralized applications (DApps) on Ethereum Environment, interchangeability with other digital assets and medium of exchange during transactions. KXM Token optimizes all business operations (buying, selling and exchange) using the decentralized registry in the Ethereum Blockchain. Here's how the GIP KXM token transaction works:

Request Creation

The KXM-Wallet drives all user events and activities. Any event (buying, selling or exchange) is initiated using the simple to use KXM-Wallet integrated with the KXM ecosystem. A transaction request initiated from the wallet carries the users signature or digital footprint. The KXM-Wallet invokes and adheres to all protocols part of the KXM Token Smart Contract. The transaction request digital footprint contains sender-receiver address and other details.

Request Broadcast

A full node or MainNet on the P2P Network broadcasts the request to the network participants which includes miners or transaction validators too. All these events follow the KXM Token Smart Contract protocol. This request if not picked up by validators remains floating in one of the many sub-pools of unprocessed-unverified KXM transactions.


Miners part of the KXM Token Network select transactions part of the unprocessed-unverified KXM transaction Pool. These transactions are converted into a single block. The number of transactions part of a single block is in line with the maximum permissible block size. To check if the transaction must be verified, the miner verifies the existing wallet balance with the KXM-Blockchain History. If both data match then the miners verify the transaction.

Ledger Creation

Upon validating a particular block of KXM Token transactions, they stamp it with a signature (also called as a proof of work). The process involves solving complex computational problems specific to the blocks. Miners must find the hash output (aka signature) for the data part of a particular KXM-Block. Upon matching the block, the particular miner broadcasts the eligible signature for the block first to other miners in the network for consensus.

Block addition

The particular blocks signature is verified by other miners. If a consensus is reached on the broadcast block, the verified and the approved block is be added to the blockchain and is spread across all other nodes on the network. The new block is added to the blockchain and concurrently all participating nodes on the network accept the block. The nodes also auto-update respective transaction data by cross-checking the transaction history and the current wallet balances.

Transfer completion:

The consensus approved Block now is part of the MainNet or the KXM-Blockchain on the Ethereum Environment. The participant's current wallet balances are updated in line with the transfer request initiated at first place. The Block creation, approval, and addition take place at a speed that KXM-P2P network participants get a seamless transaction solution seemingly alien to the complex and intricate background processes.



The KC project began development since 2018. All this while, we have succeeded in building a vibrant and thriving community around the project. Going forward we have ambitions to consolidate the fundamental value for the new token by integrating it into the already thriving KXM economy and take on investment so that we can further build the platform, reach many more and balance economy and ecology.

Please keep in mind that this roadmap is subject to change based on priorities, unplanned developments and new ideas.


Ultimately, the KXM Token (KXM) vision is to foster and facilitate an Ecosystem that is open and decentralized. One where the populace will seamlessly transact and participate by accessing and shopping from a wide range of assorted quality products and services at the KXM Online stores.

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Specification & Token Summary

KXM plans to issue 31 million Tokens with code name KXM Token (KXM) based smart contract with Ethereum. KXM is a "token" for shopping at KXM Onlinestores and using the service as well, in accordance with the provisions of the White Paper. The above KXM Tokens will be allocated as below:

Founder reserves will not be issued immediately. The Founder's Reserve will be vested over a 4-year period. the first 25% installment one year after the close of the IEO and 25% each year after.

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